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AI Round Up – March 2024

There’s so much swirling around the AI space, it is difficult to keep up! Here’s a round up – or digest if you will, of the most compelling stories and announcements for March 2024.

Why consultancies are spending big on generative AI

PwC announced a significant investment of $1 billion into generative AI, aiming to enhance both its own and its clients’ AI capabilities. This investment includes access to Microsoft’s OpenAI Azure cloud platform, and OpenAI’s GPT-4 and ChatGPT, with the objective of funding AI projects and training its workforce. Other consultancies like Deloitte and Accenture are also investing in AI, though specific amounts weren’t disclosed. The move is seen as a strategic step to leverage AI for specialized content delivery in professional services .

Ideogram 1.0

The team is excited to unveil Ideogram 1.0, their latest and most sophisticated text-to-image model yet. Developed from the ground up like previous Ideogram models, Ideogram 1.0 brings to the table cutting-edge text rendering capabilities, unmatched photorealism, and precise adherence to prompts. Additionally, it introduces a novel feature named Magic Prompt, designed to assist users in crafting detailed prompts that facilitate the creation of stunningly creative and beautiful images. (The featured image above was created using Ideogram)


A very low-cost and low-barrier service to getting started building your own chatbot for your website. Chatbase offers a platform for creating custom ChatGPT models for websites, enabling functionalities like customer support and lead generation. Users can import data, customize the chatbot’s behavior and appearance, and integrate it with various tools. It features advanced analytics, lead generation, multiple data source integration, and customization options, all while prioritizing privacy and security. Chatbase supports over 80 languages and can be used across multiple platforms with easy integration .

“GenBI” by Pyramid Analytics

Generative BI by Pyramid Analytics introduces a revolutionary approach to interacting with data through the fusion of Gen AI and analytics, aiming to make analytics instantly accessible and impactful. This solution allows for the creation of dashboards, data anomaly explanations, and forecasts without user intervention, using simple conversations for data discovery. It ensures insights are delivered within seconds, emphasizing efficiency and ease of use for business users, data teams, and product managers, all while maintaining full data governance and security. For more details, visit the Pyramid Analytics Generative BI page.

Anthropic Releases Claude 3.0

The Anthropic team announces the launch of Claude 3 Haiku, touted as the fastest and most cost-effective model in its intelligence class, now accessible for Claude Pro subscribers via API and on Haiku stands out for its tri-fold speed over competitors, economic efficiency with a 1:5 input-to-output token ratio ideal for enterprise tasks, and stringent enterprise-grade security measures. Furthermore, the release extends access to Claude 3 Opus and Haiku for Claude Pro subscribers, with an invitation to explore Haiku’s capabilities in the new Prompt Library.

Sora by OpenAI!

This is surely a gamechanger. So much so that Hollywood taking meetings.
Since its introduction, OpenAI’s Sora has been evaluated by creative professionals like visual artists and filmmakers for its potential to enhance their creative processes. Feedback highlights Sora’s ability to generate both realistic and surreal outputs, enhancing storytelling and creative expression. This early feedback suggests Sora could significantly impact creative workflows and industries by allowing for the realization of previously unimaginable ideas. For more details, visit OpenAI’s blog on Sora: First Impressions.

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