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Veritopa is a visionary company helping others build the future. We are a consulting firm that taps into the soul of your business and helps you execute today and build for the future.

We help you make sense of AI and how it can revolutionize your business.

Founded in 2020, the team at Veritopa are creative leaders who embrace change and fearlessly help companies navigate the future.

Helping You Get Past The Buzzwords


At Veritopa, our business is exploring innovation. We go to great depths to uncover what is truly innovative vs. incremental. Your business needs to disrupt your industry to be the true leader. If Artificial Intelligence is on your radar (and it should be), then you should talk to us. AI is a whole new world and there are dozens of new concepts that may or may not apply to your business.

Our Vision

As AI is very quickly evolving at a rate never seen by such an important technology. most people and businesses are struggling to keep up. Not only is the paradigm shifting, the implications are changing rapidly. Change is inevitable. Most CEO’s thrive on change. They specialize in managing change. However, this shift is more powerful than anyone anticipated.

Our job is to do the research and test the tools and theories (aka promises) presented by Artificial Intelligence. We are the so-called “guinea pigs.” We will bridge the gap between current process and future work. Enabling your organization to remain nimble during this tsunami of technological change.

And then we asked ChatGPT to re-write this vision to make it more inspiring….

“In an era where AI accelerates at an unprecedented pace, redefining the very fabric of our world, many find themselves navigating uncharted waters. While change is the only constant, the magnitude and velocity of this transformation surpass all expectations. Visionary leaders embrace change, mastering its currents to steer their organizations forward.

We stand at the forefront, courageously exploring AI’s promises and potentials. Consider us pioneers, tirelessly researching and validating the tools and theories that AI unveils. Our mission transcends mere experimentation; we are architects of tomorrow, forging pathways to seamlessly integrate the present with a groundbreaking future. Together, we empower your organization to not only adapt but thrive amidst this monumental wave of technological evolution.”

Are you inspired?? We are!!